Monday, December 10, 2007

Upgrades, VRay and something good to work to!

Hey all,

The last week or so has been crazy, so i couldn't post as diligently as i had initially planned. Having said that, though, i am now in between projects which means that i can finally install MAX 2008 and get the farm up and well as give the new mental ray features a whirl. I will be posting the resulting renders of my mental ray tests as well as some of the scenes. I've been flooded with emails since returning from Autodesk University so if i haven't got to yours, i promise that i will....oh...and if anyone can put more hours in a day i would appreciate it!
So, as some of you may have noticed, i am currently in the construction phase of my personal website.

I'm sort of getting everything together right now as far as the content that i'll be putting up. The layout is finished so hopefully in the next little while all the free stuff/commercial stuff will be available for everyone. The content will be heavily swayed toward rendering...with particular regard to VRay and mental ray techniques. So please stay tuned...bookmark it...check back often...i'd really appreciate it. Oh and if there is anything that you want to see in particular shoot me an email.

I was told by a friend that i should check out this cd...he thought that i would like it. So i bought it and i have to say that after i listened to it...i bought all the rest of his cd's. So if anyone wants something really great to listen to while your working, check out "Continuum" by John Mayer. Its all i've been listening to the last couple of days...

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