Wednesday, December 12, 2007

AU Content, mental ray impressions and 3ds MAX 2008!

Hey all,

Okay, first off, i had only intended on giving this stuff to those that attended my class AutoDesk University 2007 in Las Vegas...especially the ones who were hung over from the 80's bash and stayed anyway. I've uploaded some stuff to my site for you guys to download and have fun with. Here are some renders from the scene:

The scene is rendered using VRay by ChaosGroup . I will have this in the free section of my, hopefully...soon to be completed the downloads section. I'll update you guys with the links when verything is up and running.

Well....took my first spin with 3ds MAX 2008 and mental ray 3.6 today....i will say that its encouraging. The quality has always been there but now the ease of use is really, really on par with some of the other rendering engines out there. The cool thing is that the UI actuallly looks like it could be VRays more complicated and less understood little twin brother. As i said...i'll be posting more as i get some test results from it. For now though, i have to hit the manuals and read up on what the best ways to control this beast. Its fun though....time is a thief though.

Now this next little bit is a really big deal and i hope someone out there can tell me how to fix this. So, i've actually made the jump from MAX 9 to 2008, i'm not going to do a review...theres a million out there. What i do want to talk about is a really small thing that makes a huge difference to me....and i hope it isn't one of those things that they just change or take out without telling anyone. Heres the MAX 9, and for every other version that i can remember going back to 1.0 you could select an object, then hold the shift key down and click the transform gizmo...not move rotate or scale...but just click it, and this would allow you to make a copy/instance/reference. Not in please if anyone knows how to fix this if its possible...send me message! Later!

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