Thursday, December 13, 2007

Out with the new and in with the old!

Hey All,

For all of you that don't really like the new selection floater in 3ds MAX 2008 there is a way to get back to what you know and love...but its even better. The new dialogue to select stuff in MAX 2008 is just too radically different from the way that it was...period. So...people like me who, like and are familiar with, the old way, feel a small sense of adversity when that dialogue box pops up. Its kind of like when someone says...."ohhhh try this you'll love it", then you do everything in your power not to wretch and have a childish outburst at how extremely wrong it was to even try it. Okay thats a little harsh but seriously, its all about work flow. Try...and learn the new way...but as a keep sake or in a pinch use this method to get back what you know and love.

With 3ds MAX 2008 open, go up to the top of the screen to the customize drop down and select Customize User Interface. Then scroll down and find Selection Floater from the list of tools. You can create a new toolbar called "Legacy Tools" or something like that....then just drag it over into the new toolbar.

Now you can customize the button to whatever you want....but the best thing about this is that now.....wait for you click this button, not only does it open the selection floater that you know and love...IT'S MODELESS!!!! What does that mean? means that you can have your favourite selection floater open and still work in MAX with the selection floater open! I love it....I run dual monitors so i have it over on my second one all the time. This may not be a big deal to some...but i love it! Hope it helps!

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Unknown said...

Thakns for the tip! Greatest thing about this is modeless thing. Good luck :)